Types of Rides:

Melbourne is one of the most rideable cities in the world. The eBike Butler have hand picked the best eBike cycling routes in Melbourne with
options to suit a wide variety of riders and riding abilities. Contact us for more information on ride options.




Select your ride date from our Book Online page. We can deliver the evening before your ride so you make the most of your day.


Provide us with your accommodation address, mobile number and email so we can deliver your bike/s to you.


You will be redirected to a shopping cart to finalise your booking by credit card.


We deliver bikes to your address on your requested date. Once your ride is complete, we will collet your bike/s.



Experience the most ridible city without the drawbacks!

The eBike Butler provides stylish Dutch inspired Lekker bikes that come with an electric assist motor to help you cruise effortlessly whilst taking in the best Melbourne has to offer.

1 Day: $100

2 Day: $150

  1 Week: $250

   2 Week: $450

       Every day after: $50

All hire prices include delivery.

We provide an Australian certified helmet, lights and locks for every hire.

Included with
every bike rental:


We carry the biggest and best brands and offer the largest range of sizes and colours.

Bike Lock

A bike is only as good as the lock that keeps it safe. Make sure yours can thwart any would-be thief.

Free GPS Guided

Check out our sights lists to find the best places to bike & tour in Central Park and beyond

Basket / Bike Bag

Basket bag with weatherproof protection. Shoulder strap attachments make it excellent off-bike as well.